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I am Jenny Pepper, feltmaker and lover of all things fibre... I have been feltmaking for 20 years, but creating all my life in one way or another. I exhibit my felt work and sell in galleries. I also offer occasional tuition near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Stumbled on this...

This is a photo someone has kindly taken of a piece of my work I exhibited earlier in the year, they cropped and cut it for their website. I forgot to take pictures in situ, which is something I regularly do. But when I still have the piece on my wall its not a problem. I really enjoyed making this and have since developed the project further. The piece was actually hung on a white background and the shadows cast by the light worked well. Unfortunately there is no credit on their website, but the work is mine.


  1. Such a shame you didn't take any from the exhibition.
    Your post on the show in a cemetary?
    I curated a art card exhibition in an old morturary chapel in 2005, it was in the middle of an old cemetary, very atmospheric!
    Its actually a lovely setting and very popular with artists in Bath.

  2. The more I hear, the more I'm looking forward to the 'Cemetery' ...so to speak.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. You should ask them to credit your work.
    I really like the shadows.
    I am luck to be able to get to London easil,but no more evening clasees much too tiring a day. I am signed up for Printing Making on Sundays in January.