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I am Jenny Pepper, feltmaker and lover of all things fibre... I have been feltmaking since 1996 , but creating all my life in one way or another. I exhibit my felt work and sell in galleries. I also offer occasional tuition near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK, around the country & in Europe.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday at the workshop started as warm, but dull, followed by short bursts of rain, so no drying felt in the sunshine today.
I was working with three colours of dyed Norwegian batts. There was a natural carded, which was bits of light/dark brown and white. I used this as a base as it wasn't going to be visible. I then layered the red and then the black with resists between layers. I love the way this wool felts, it is so firm. The original colours changed as the felting process took place with fibres migrating through and giving a flecked effect. The brightnes of the red was subdued by the black.

I havn't finished the piece yet as I'm adding and embellishing and need to wait for it to dry, but here is a close up of the surface which shows the very "hairy" surface of this particular Norwegian. The surface is tight and firm. I'm still working on the ongoing theme started 3 years ago but the work is evolving and changing.

Hopefully it will be dry tomorrow and I can finish working on this piece.

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  1. The workshop sounds wonderful. I wish you good luck there. Thanks for reading my blog.