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I am Jenny Pepper, feltmaker and lover of all things fibre... I have been feltmaking since 1996 , but creating all my life in one way or another. I exhibit my felt work and sell in galleries. I also offer occasional tuition near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK, around the country & in Europe.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Weekends Felt Workshops

The first of my workshops taking place at my new studio have now taken place. The first was a Nuno introduction, followed by a Vessels for beginners and then this week a Handbag day. Each workshop had four felt makers, all eager to learn new skills. Each time I run a workshop its different, I always look forward to seeing the results which are different every time as each person selects their own favourite colour schemes and style. The end result reflecting their own creativity. More images of everyones results can be seen on my web site.

The next Dalby Workshop will be on Sunday 20th September, Vessels, this is suitable for beginners and improvers.

I would of liked to create a mosaic of the results to enter on my blog, but not sure how to create it. I have seen lovely mosaics on other blogs, can anyone point me in the right direction?


  1. Try Picasa or http://bighugelabs.com on Flickr for your mosaics. Fabulous vessels!

  2. This is what I remember about seeing you at the K&S a few years ago..such beautifully made round bowls.

  3. Thanks Jackie, the workshop I led was vessels for beginners and the photos in the above posting are the resulting vessels made by the girls on the day workshop. They all chose gorgeous colours and took all day to finish them but the results were lovely.

  4. Jenny, here is a link to a site for making the mosaic. Its quite easy and the results are successful.
    Have fun.

  5. ha, ha you mean photo's - first I thought you wanted to make mosiac in felt! That's also great. If you look on my blog you can read about the mosaic-workshops with the feltmaster Mehmet GirgiƧ form Turkey next year in the Netherlands.